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March 01, 2005



Work places like Walmart and McDonalds are entry level positions. They pay nothing and rarely rarely offer benefits. An entry level position is one where skills needed are minimal which usually means the pay and benefits are minimal as well. These jobs are stepping stones to better ones and perhaps they are incentive to further ones education. I am not saying walmart is kind to its employees, but if it was a horror show, I would walk.
It is a take it or leave scenario.

What are you proposing here?

Gary Farber

Thanks kindly for the link, but: "...who claims to be some kind of conservative...."

I do? Wheresoever? When?





I can list a lot of negatives about Wal-Mart:

No health benefits for the majority of their employees, so the state must pick up some of the health care cost.

Low wages.

They drive local stores out of business

They drive chain stores (Toys-R-Us, K-Mart) out of business.

They pit one community against another in bidding for new store location, taking the best "sweet heart" deal and frequently will pay no taxes for 10 or more years.

If you own walmart stock, the above may be seen as positives.

I do not feel that walmart is a good citizen.


Let's not forget Walmart's approach towards unions.



While intimidation is not the right way to do it, the fact remains that employee unionization is, IMHO, a no-longer-beneficial option. It served its purpose, but its time has passed.

"Good wages" are relative, but yes - (as I have said before) - this is an entry-level job. If you make it your career you are either incapable of doing otherwise or have chosen to stay there. If the former is true - you should accept your wage and keep up the good work! If the latter is true, you should accept your wage and keep up the good work! See how that works?
(If this is a filler or second job - those above statements apply as well)

Additionally, as our economy continues to improve and the unemployment rate drops, the pool of available resources dwindles and the ability for people to command a higher salary increases ... make use of that if you feel your salary is subpar. You could also icrease your value by learning a valuable skill ...

The Wide Awakes


"you should accept your wage and keep up the good work"

or you can realize that you live in a democracy, unite with your fellow workers, and fight against concentrated capital for a better life for you and your loved ones.


"Unite with your fellow workers" Didn't I hear that slogan in Russia a few years back?

This is a capitalist society. I don't work at Wal-mart. Wanna know why? I don't have to. I do shop at wal-mart. Why? Because they are cheaper. If target, or one of the local grocery stores could offer same prices or better, I would shop there. But they can't, so I don't.


Which skills do you consider valuable, TJ?


TJ, dead on...bubblehead...you go...

What skills are valuable? Any that let you work for more money than you get at walmart.

Wal mart sucks. I dont' shop there.

For the most part the people that work there are either going to school, (a rare case in the experience I had when I did shop there) or people that have no other marketable skills and few options for other, more gainful employment.

Fact, you get what you pay for, you earn what you are worth.

Live with it.

Luke Lea

You have seen Barbara Ehrenreich's book about her stint as a WalMart employee haven't you?

Dana Lotzgesell

Dear Abigail,

I am a conservative, and I agree with you that Wal-Mart type of jobs suck. I might vote Democratic if they would stop being a liberal party, and became a labor party, particularly, if they supported the unionization of places like Wal-Mart. The unskilled blue collars, white collars, and pink collars could use some representation. To bad the Democrats won't take me up on it. If they did, they could return to being the majority party overnight.

I like your blog. Your description of what is wrong about the bankruptcy reform was very, very good, and very, very right. See, not all conservatives refuse to listen to reasoned arguments.

Yours, Dana

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