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March 23, 2005



Okay, damn it, I'll start: I like realists better than optimists or pessimists, too. In fact, I've always been a realist who is accused of being a pessimist by the @#$$%! optimists.

I'm sorry that I am not more familiar with Mr. Shiller's work. I have always heard that betting on the stock market to provide retirement is like gambling. The stock market has it's place, but Social Security is supposed to provide a solid foundation to prevent abject poverty; it's not supposed to be a lottery ticket. Of course, that's what they want - a nation of scratch-ticket buyin', Springer-watchin' red-staters to be used and abused at the whims of the pampered, spoon-fed neocon elite and the BFEE. 8^)


You still alive?


Social Security was originally sold as a safety net against poverty, but it's obviously not that now, if it ever was

I'd be all for a real safety net - which would involve, for starters, means-testing (aka "slashing benefits").

No one is proposing mandatory stock market investments. Under Bush's plan, if you want to keep your money in the system as is, go ahead. You'll take a big loss, but demographic facts mean you're going to take a big loss anyway.

Google "Ponzi scheme" and all will be revealed.

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