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March 08, 2005



"but the big corporations, run for the benefit of the top one percent, conspire to ensure that regular people don't accumulate any capital."

There you go again with the conspiracy stuff.

Here's a question for you: Would you be in favor of lowering the tax on capital gains, or not?

If "yes" - as Ahnuld would say - "den yu ah uh REPUBLIKAN!"

If "no" - explain the apparent (to me) contradiction.


Toponepercenttoponepercent....man you guys re like a bunch of socialist monkeys.

My wedding cost less than 600 bucks, and most of that was for my wifes handmade dress.


make that socialist parrots.


Well then, Kender, you're an anomaly, as far as weddings go.


Hmmm...disagree with this one. Weddings don't keep poor people poor. Poor people who overspend their abilities keep poor people poor. At what point should people have to take some responsibility for their choices? True, society tends to push the expensive, big wedding, but we also need to avoid the trap of giving people excuses for Everything.
When you can go before a judge and have your close family present as witnesses and get the whole thing done for extremely little, there is little excuse for overspending or debt.

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