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March 17, 2005


Brad DeLong

I assure you that it is a parody. It is, perhaps, too good a parody...


Does he mean the article is a parody, or the bizarro-world neocon freakshow regime is a parody?


Your last two paragraphs. WOW ! ! I've been saying the same thing for many years. The people who "control" are much too smart to believe all the garbage they spout. But they know they can lead the ignorant by playing to that ignorance.

I do not believe that any religious or political leader is intellectually honest. They say what will galvanize their constituants and not what they know to be the truth.

And there are some absolute truths for all of us who are not lawyers.


Abigail, your hatred of religion is misplaced. There are many different ways of believing in God besides the fundamentalism that you deride...was Einstein an idiot? Yet believe he did, not in a personal God who intervened in the lives of each individual daily, but in a God who set the amazing rules that the universe abides by so unfailingly, or the genius Kurt Godel, whose Incompleteness Theorem proved conclusively that formal systems derived by man cannot be both consistent and complete. It's a shame, and rather unfortunate, to see you refer to those with religious faith as 'stupid'...and yes, it's stupid to ask that creationism be taught in schools instead of evolution. Such a desire shows a lack of understanding of the difference between faith and the scientific method, which I believe is a tool to better understand God, just as mathematics is. However, you won't win any converts by calling those who are mistaken idiots - and just because they are mistaken about science, that doesn't mean their faith is misplaced, just perhaps incomplete.


Good comment Mark.....dead on.

j swift

I am afraid Mark and Kender are right Abigail. The righty , tighty, whitey, fundie flavor of Christians are not stupid. I mean, I suppose there are some who are less intelligent than others but intelligence is not point.

The point is that certain fundie flavored Christians find it necessary, in their arrogance and sanctimony, to stick their nose in other people's lives. We are not talking about just being their brother's keeper here. We are talking about a desire to subvert people's free will, usurp our freedom of conscience, in an attempt regain what influence that they felt "they" had before the travesty of the 60's.

Evolution and school prayer is not about the truth of these matters. It is about gaining or regaining a place from which to indoctrinate and proselytize.

I would feel much more at ease, if they were merely stupid. Alas, ignorance is truly bliss, and they want us ignorance.

Can you say, Theocratic Republic of the United States.

Luke Lea

I certainly believe in evolution -- I am a big fan of Darwin's in fact -- but the issue here is more subtle than that. Does natural selection based on random mutation rule out the possibility of a moral design in the universe, so that everybody gets what they deserve in the end? Not necesarily. Of course this is not a scientific issue -- but then neither is conciousness, beauty, pain, and a lot of other minor stuff like that. In any case, the Bible is primarily of historical importance, as is the Hebraic conception of God which it contains. The Bible should be studied in history classes, not biology, though the latter owe a general disclaimer on the issue of philosophical naturalism. Science assumes a materialistic worldview by definition, because that is the realm of empirical fact. It doesn't prove that that is all there is, nor should it pretend to, even though most scientists nowadays privately hold that view, which is more a reflection of their lack of imagination and worldly experience than anything else. At least in myh opinion.

Luke Lea

Just read "Darwin on Trial" by the Berkeley Law professor Phillip Johnson and you will sing a different tune. The key is open-mindedness, which is the soul of empiricism. Many scientists, being human, are overly invested in their world view, much as are the Creationists they oppose, and whom they imagine everyone who opposes them must be.


Open-mindedness about nonsense? Schools and teachers have a responsibility to filter and keep garbage out of the curriculum. Let's be open-minded and teach the values of skin-heads and neo-Nazism.Let's teach children to solve their problems by going to faith-healers and mediums. How about some lectures on how flat the world is and how dangerous vaccinations are.
Good grief.

Adept Havelock

Darwin on Trial and Darwins Black Box are both interesting, especially their utter and compelte reliance on post hoc, ergo procter hoc style reasoning.

The ID lobby has tendered the hypothesis "The universe was designed". Now, in accordance with the scientific method, accumulate at least as compelling a body of peer-reviewed scientific work as evolution has, and perhaps it will then belong in the Science classrooms. Until that day, leave it in the realm of philosophy and religion, where it belongs.


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