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March 03, 2005



You have a great point here.

I have often wondered at the insanity of generous severance packages, especially for those that get fired for doing a bad job.

Great point lass.


The CEO thing is very odd (Great pay + Doing Bad Job -> Great Severance Package + New Great Job?).
I hate to mandate severance like you have suggested Abigail, but companies are failing to send the right message to employees. It used to be that people had a lot of company loyalty. It was a trusting situation between employees and employers. People figured that their loyalty to the company would be rewarded by the company being loyal to them.
People wonder why there is so much corruption in corporate America now? It is because that relationship between employer and employee has been badly abused.
Perhaps what we do need is a little bit of mandated loyalty to try to rebuild that relationship.


You can't mandate loyalty except through fear. Then it is not loyalty, it is coersion.

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