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February 25, 2005



"How does the top one percent ensure that elected politicians look out for their interests and not the interests of the other 99%?"

Brainwashing? lol cmon
I hate to break this to you, but the answer to the question above is, THEY PAY THEM. To aid your research in this immensely puzzling querie, look up the words graft, lobbyist, kickback. I sure hope this helps.


Well of course they do a lot of lobbying and donating. But there's a multi-pronged approach. Convincing the bottom 99% that they are part of the top 1% is an important prong.

Adept Havelock

I would suggest reading Frank's "What's the Matter With Kansas". He has some very interesting ideas on how many people have been manipulated into voting against their own economic interests.

As for insuring Politicians look out for their interests. It's simple. Compare our system for funding elections, with oh, say, the UK, on any of the democratic states in Scandinavia.

I remember when lobbying was called by it's proper name: Bribery.

Adept Havelock

Also, Abigail:

Is it that they convince them they are part of the 1%, or is it the oft-repeated mantra and media illusion that they are going to be able to join it one day soon?


So now I wish to know what comstitutes the top one percent? Is it by wealth? And how is that wealth measured then?

I need details girl.

Richard 23

The American Dream: the concept that through hard work, courage and determination we can escape poverty and achieve prosperity. It reinforces the elite, seduces our respect, softens our resentment of inequity, deludes us into adopting their interests over our own, because we dream, someday, to be one of them. Hope. Illusion. Despair. It encourages the elite to look down upon poverty with contempt, knowing it is proof of our laziness. Dispassionate dehumanization.

Hope drives the poor to choose lottery tickets over bread. Only to dream of bread. Pity.


Have you EVER received a job from a poor person? I thought not. Policies favor those that are most productive because they drive our economy, their choices and decisions. What you want, as does Richard23, is socialsim. You have obviously lost any confidence in yourselves to become what you want to become in this society, so you have decided to take from those that have and give to those that don't. you want to punish the wealthy because the poor aren't capable of succeeding. That is a truly sad concept of America you have.

If you had a clue, you would know the socieoeconomic ladder is dynamic. 80% of those below the poverty level today will move up and out of it within 10 years. In fact, wealth usually comes with age. The wealthiest people in America today are those over the age of 55, and most of those people would have been considered in poverty when they were under 20. Start reading and learning. The more you learn, the more you realize socialism is bad and NEVER works, just look at Europe.

I hope you realize your socialistic tendencies and philosophies. You should study more about socialism, so you can adopt it as your mantra wholeheartedly.

Adept Havelock

While cracker would like us to believe that socialism never works, (i.e. just look at Europe), cracker ignores the fact that the quasi-socialist Scandinavian Nations and Benelux Nations are considered to have a higher standard of living, when ranked by anyone other than far-right think tanks.


Seriously, 'brainwashing'? Doesn't it strike you as a bit alarmist to use that term? It brings about images of tin foil hats, orbital mind control satellites and cigarette smoking men in dark rooms at federal agencies ...

"Convincing the bottom 99% that they are part of the top 1% is an important prong." ... no, convincing a majority that they might one day be the 1% is the key. And it is called hope, optimism, etc. And I am working on it now ... (sadly, I won't be there for 5-10 years) ...
WRT - "Hope drives the poor to choose lottery tickets over bread" ... I partially agree with that statement, lotteries in general are a tax on the stupid.

WRT - "quasi-socialist Scandinavian Nations and Benelux Nations are considered to have a higher standard of living" ... it is a tricky art comparing two nations to each other. There are so many factors involved ... overall size of population alone distorts many attempts, as do things like natural resources, geographical location, weather cycles, etc. I know that speaking for myself, my wife, and my 8m old daughter - this is the best country in the world to live in. Is it perfect, of course not. Illegal immigrants are costing us $68B PER YEAR ...



werd up. it's definitely brainwashing. they own the media. they use it to get the rabble all riled up about consumer goods and thinking materialistically (and not in the Marxist sense of course). read Michael Parenti's two works on the media. It is to their advantage to keep us ininformed and apolitical.


Phil - " It is to their advantage to keep us ininformed and apolitical" ... assuming that is correct (not saying it is), the counterpoint to that would be it is in our best interest to be informed and political. So do so; this is (atleast for awhile longer) a free country!

The Wide Awakes




Excellent, well-thought-out and insightful response. /TJ

Luke Lea

The top one percent? How about the top one percent of the top one percent. Consider plank no. 9 in the Born Again Democrat Platform:

. Equitable Tax Enforcement. We support – indeed, demand — giving the IRS the tools it needs to fully enforce our tax laws on all our citizens, rich and poor alike. Currently it lacks the resources to audit the returns of the wealthiest group in America: people whose incomes derive from their ownership of businesses, stocks, bonds, and real estate. As a result it fails to collect an estimated $300 billion a year in taxes (roughly a thousand dollars for every man, woman, and child) most of it owed by a just a few thousand of the wealthiest families in America (with fortunes in excess of $50 million) who hide their incomes in secret off-shore bank accounts, using shell corporations and other devious devices. To make up for this shortfall, virtually every other taxpayer in America – including doctors, lawyers, and highly-salaried corporate managers of every description — pays a third more in taxes than he otherwise would. For details on this outrage see Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston’s new book, Perfectly Legal.

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