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February 28, 2005



FWIW - being an optimist (i.e. - hoping for the best) does not mean you are not capable of planning for the worst, e.g. - I am an optimist but still have life insurance, car insurance, etc.

The Wide Awakes


Is it optimistic to believe in yourself? What you call "realistic" thinking I call low self esteem and low expectations.


There's a proverb which says to hope for the best but plan for the worst.

The problem is that Americans are planning for the best, because planning for the worst is considered negative thinking.


Abigail - I've been saying that to everyone who will listen for about 3 years. But telling people that we have stopped planning for the worst is also considered negative and therefore gets "tuned out".

Kender - it is not negative to make plans for the worst possible outcome. It is negative if you ONLY make plans for the worst possible outcome. I think what Abigail is saying is that we have become positive to the point that we don't want to hear the reality that sometimes things don't go according to the best laid plans. Having fall-backs is what any resposible, intelligent strategist will do and yet it seems to happen so little.


I always have at least three "exit strategies" planned and ready to go with short notice. This includes no less than two at any given time for my marriage.

I learned long ago that NOTHING is permanent and personal happines is paramount to a good life.

My wife knows this and acts accordingly. Life is sweet when you understand strategy.


Thanks so much, everyone.


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