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February 24, 2005



"Don’t we want to make illegal that which we oppose?"

Not always. There's a difference between having a belief and imposing that belief on others. So, a woman can oppose abortion for herself (on whatever grounds she chooses), yet defend the right of other women to make a different choice. That's what being pro-choice is all about.

Consider another example. I oppose racism, but I wouldn't want to outlaw racism per se. Sure, I'm glad the Equal Protection Clause forbids the government from enacting racist laws. However, I recognize that the First Amendment protects the town bigot when he spews his nonsense. My job, then, is to oppose the town bigot in the "marketplace of ideas," not to throw him in jail because I don't like what he says.

Brad R.

Again, understand where you're coming from, but... oh man, I wanna see Santorum OUT, OUT, OUT. Christ, if we could elect a box turtle to replace Santorum, I'd do it in a heartbeat...


Abigail...I oppose abortion an a PERSONAL level, i.e. once I saw a heartbeat on the ultrasound I knew abortion was out of the question for my wife and I, however I steadfastly support abortion when it involves someone else. If they want to do that it is their choice and doesn't affect me.
On the other hand I should not have to pay for their therapy should they need it down the road.


Abigail, think of it this way: who does PA Right-to-Life want in the seat? Probably not Casey.

And, when Casey runs, watch for the right to start running ads or whispering campaigns casting doubt on his anti-abortion creds (which will actually help him with our side, I bet). See, one of their many dirty little secrets is that they want more than just "pro-life" ... they want "pro-life" Republicans.

"Pro-life" Democrats, after all, sometimes have this nasty habit of preferring to reduce abortions by increasing funding for prenatal care and welfare and things like that. Can't have it in Corporate America's party.


I still like Clinton's line: "Safe, legal and rare." It made sense then, and it still does.


The "pro-life" community says it is okay to kill some people, sometimes: by execution, war, and coming soon, 80's-style death squads... they are rather selective about who is allowed to live. I guess I agree with the old saying that they are pro-birth, but not pro-life.


I agree with whoever above said that they oppose it on a personal level. That's how I feel. I don't oppose abortion at large; I could just never imagine a situation where it would be the choice I would make. That having been said, I vigorously defend the right of women to have abortions if that's their choice.


rat's right...it's being pro-choice, as oppposed to anti-abortion.

and shea makes a good point...that's why i insist on calling those nutcakes "pro-fetal-life," not "pro-life." and i'm always happy to explain why (they are in favor of the death penalty, war, opposed to gun control, and, if you want to get particular about it, they eat meat. there's nothing wrong with any of those positions, what's wrong is holding them and calling yourself 'pro-life').


Rat - "There's a difference between having a belief and imposing that belief on others" ... to take it to an extreme : so murder should be legal, because the murderer has no problem with the killing of innocents and it is only a personal belief?

Which puts us back on the slippery slope of defining life, so that we can define murder ...

Just a thought.
The Wide Awakes
PS - if anyone cares, I do not support abortion ... everything from contraceptives to the morning after pill is OK IMHO, but once life has started I find it morally abhorrent to end it

PPS - and if you really care - "they are in favor of the death penalty, war, opposed to gun control, and, if you want to get particular about it, they eat meat" - describes me, and I have no problem defending those beliefs! (in short - none of those are relevant to abortion, but I'd be happy to expand on that ...)


... let me clarify one minor thing - I am not pro-war, I am just against the belief that war is never an option ... there is a very import, if subtle to some, distinction. /TJ

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